AS Motor AS 510 ProClip 2T A

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Manufacturer : AS Motor


Perfect mulching mower for slopes, with high torque and top performance The AS 510 ProClip 2T A is equipped with the world’s only 2-stroke engine that meets the requirements stipulated by the EU Emissions Directive 97/68/EC. The AS 2-stroke engine maintains engine lubrication regardless of position, enabling work on inclines of 45 degrees and more without the risk of engine damage. In addition, the AS 2-stroke engine is factory-equipped with an EasyStart function; the CDI digital ignition system cuts the rpms required to start in half. The 2-stroke engine’s high torque ensures power even in tall grass. A third crankshaft bearing and friction discs on the mulching blade protect the engine in the event of unseen obstacles while a variator allows the convenient adjustment of speed from 2.1–4.3 km/h while in motion. Double ball-bearing front wheels and rear wheel drive provide easy handling. The front wheels’ special wedge shape minimizes impact on the grass, which quickly springs back up to be cut by the blade. Cutting height can be adjusted to 6 levels from 40–90 mm via a spring-supported system. Large, aggressive tread wheels ensure optimal traction and propulsion The AS 510 ProClip 2T A saves 30% more time when compared with collection bag lawn mowers by avoiding the need to empty the collection bag as well as the time and cost-intensive process of disposing of the cuttings. The mulching blade cleanly cuts grass up to 18 cm high and simultaneously generates an airflow that whirls the cuttings in the mulching unit. The mulching blade’s multiple cutting edges chop and mulch the grass several times. The cuttings then sink into the turf, forming a layer of mulch that both fertilises and protects the lawn from drying out.

Ex Demo machine maintained to the highest quality by our team of expert technicians.


  • Used Ex Demo Machine
  • Capable of ascending slopes up to 45 degrees
  • Powered by AS Motors 2 stroke Easy Start Engine (AS165 ES)
  • Cutting width: 51cm 
  • Rated Power: 4.6HP
  • Maximum Power: 6.0HP
  • Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Third crankshaft bearing for engine protection
  • 100% Mulch mower
  • No side discharge
  • Cutting height 40-90 mm
  • Max speed: 4.3 hm/h
  • Weight: 48Kg